The Soul Shift Guide


The Soul Shift Guide


This thought provoking journal is dedicated to getting you started on stripping the BS and discovering who you really are at your CORE.

**Download will be available immediately after purchase. We recommend printing it out, scribbling all over it, and making it your OWN!**

In this journal, you'll dig into:
- Crafting YOUR Vision Worth Fighting For
- Cultivating Self Awareness
- Creating Space
- Crushing Limiting Beliefs
- Rocking Your Relationships
-  Kicking Comparison To The Curb
- Finding Crazy, Awesome, CONTAGIOUS Gratitude In EVERY Moment
- Letting Your Experience Be The Expert
- Owning Your Shit
- Your Time Is NOW

You deserve a business that you LOVE, sister. A business that feels crazy aligned in your SOUL, a business that you are EXCITED about again. A business that you've only ever DREAMED of. A business that really DOES give you YOUR “life by design.”

And we can’t wait to help you CREATE it.
We'll see you in the Guide, Sister! 

Olivia & Crystal

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